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Hollister Urinary Pouch, Female, Cut-to-Fit, 7-1/2" Length, 4-1/2" Wide

  • Box of 10 EA
  • Item # 509840
  • Manufacturer: HOLLISTER INC

The Hollister Female Urinary Pouch is an odor-barrier plastic pouch that funnels urine into a collection bag. It is easily attached to the body by means of a flexible, conformable hydrocolloid skin barrier that protects the skin from maceration and irritation.

  • Hydrocolloid skin barrier adheres securely and helps protect the patient's skin; conforms to body contours for enhanced security and comfort.
  • Contains odor through its clinically proven three-layer plastic film. Helps improve hygiene and comfort for the patient as well as for the caregiver.
  • Easy to use convenience drain for liquid drainage. Attaches easily to leg bag or drainage bag.
  • SoftFlex™ Skin Barrier: SoftFlex™ is a thin and highly flexible hydrocolloid skin barrier that provides gentle adherence to skin. Gentleness to the skin is essential when frequent removal of the device is required.
  • Transparent pouch film: For the caregiver who wishes to visualize the contents of the device without having to disturb the patient.
  • Odor barrier film: Three layers of film protect against odor. Film is strong and provides quality performance.
  • Cut-to-fit skin barrier: Allows the user to cut the skin barrier opening to an appropriate size and shape.
  • CushionFit™ skin barrier backing: CushionFit is a closed-cell plastic foam that covers the skin barrier, protecting it from eroding due to constant exposure to fluids.
  • Drain valve: A valve that permits the user to empty the pouch or leg bag without getting fingers wet.
  • Adapt™ paste, tape strips, and skin gel wipe included.

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