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Bioderm Liberty 3.0 Ls Specialty Male External Catheter, One Size Fits All, Each

  • Each of 1 EA
  • Item # CF23046EA
  • Manufacturer: BIODERM
  • Condom Size: Medium
  • Material: PVC
  • Adhesive Method: Self-Adhering


Bioderm Liberty 3.0 Ls Specialty Male External Catheter, One Size Fits All, Latex-free The Mens Liberty™ by BioDerm is what many men have found to be the answer to mange urinary incontinence. Male external condom catheters do not always work for men who have a retracted or hidden penis. Liberty is specifically designed for all anatomies, small to large, circumcised to uncircumcised. It securely applies to the tip of the penis with an innovative hydrocolloid adhesive faceplate. The faceplate is mounted on a specially designed housing that prevents it from kinking or twisting. Its unique design directs urine away from the body leaving your skin dry preventing skin irritation.

A integral collection chamber features a anti reflux valve to prevent urine back flow. An easy drain port allows you to connect it to a leg bag or night time drainage bag.

  • Eliminates problems associated with indwelling catheters.
  • Fits all male anatomy- large, small, circumcised, uncircumcised and retracted.
  • Made from the thinnest, most translucent hydrocolloid.
  • Completely external design - no moisture comes in contact with the skin.

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