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Reorder Marketing Page

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Getting Started

Getting reminders is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

  1. When you order an eligible item online, you will receive an email, call or text message when it is time to reorder.
  2. To make sure you are getting text reminders, go to your "Account Settings" to view and change your text communication preferences.
  3. If you're ordering over the phone, simply let us know that you'd like to have Reorder Reminders sent to you and we'll do the rest.

To view eligible items, sign in and navigate to "Reorder Supplies" from your "Account Settings" or follow the prompts when placing an order.

Confirming Deliveries

When it's time to reorder, we'll let you know with an email, call, or text message. Sign in to your account and review your order-it's that simple! If you don't need to reorder supplies for any reason, just don't add them to your cart.

Changing Reminders

To change future reminders, go to "My Account" and navigate to "Communication Preferences" from your "Account Settings".