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Staying active with an ostomy

Regular exercise boosts your mood, aids in weight management and gives you an overall sense of wellbeing. The following suggestions can help you prevent leaks and keep your ostomy pouching system in place while exercising.

  • Wear your pouch inside your underwear, whenever possible, for greater support
  • Wearing snug, ‘biking style’ shorts during vigorous activity can help hold your pouching system in place
  • Wearing a patterned bathing suit will help camouflage your pouch when swimming
  • Use a hair dryer on the “cool” setting to dry the back of your pouch after swimming, showering or other water activities
  • For swimming and other water sports, use waterproof tape around your skin barrier for added security
  • Mini, non-drainable pouches may be used as an alternative from your usual pouching system during water activities (these pouches are not recommended, however, for those with urinary stomas)


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