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Nutricia North America Neocate® Infant DHA and ARA Powder 400g, 0 to 12 Months of Age

  • Each of 1 CN
  • Item # SB12595
  • Manufacturer: NUTRICIA NORTH AMERICA/7531

Amino acid-based, 421Cal/100g, Hypoallergenic Nutricia Neocate Infant DHA and ARA Formula is the first and only amino acid-based infant formula with the added benefits of DHA and ARA to help your infant develop. Its amino acid profile is similar to breast milk. It includes important nutrients present in breast milk.

  • Includes important nutrients present in breast milk.
  • Over 45 extensive clinical validations.
  • 100% non-allergenic free amino acids.
  • Infant DHA and ARA provides the same nutritional advantages as Neocate Infant original, but has an added benefit of DHA and ARA.
  • DHA and ARA are known to help eye and visual development and we want to ensure our patients are getting the best formula for their condition.
  • Indications food allergy-associated conditions such as cow milk allergy, short bowel syndrome, GERD, multiple food protein intolerance and other GI disorders.

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