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BSN Jobst® Cutimed® ACUTE 10% Urea, Fragrance-Free, 4-3/13 oz

  • Each of 1 EA
  • Item # BI7264123
  • Manufacturer: BSN JOBST

BSN Jobst Cutimed® ACUTE 10% Urea, 4-3/13 oz, Fragrance-free, Latex-free

Dry skin is associated with aging, environmental, and medical conditions such as diabetes and can lead to conditions ranging from itch and inflammation to skin tears or cracked skin providing a route for infection. Effective rehydration restores the skins barrier functions, increases flexibility and extensibility and reduces pain and inflammation in the rehydrated areas. A moisturizer containing urea can be highly successful in counteracting dryness and soothing the skin. 

  • Penetrates dry skin to deliver needed moisture.
  • Reestablishes the barrier function of the skin.
  • Reduces itching, pain and inflammation.
  • Compatible with garments and hosiery.
  • Returns skin to its smooth and supple condition.
  • Helps naturally debride loose and necrotic tissue.

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