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Respironics Pollen Filter for Dream Station CPAP, Reusable

  • Each of 1 EA
  • Item # LLCF11224461
  • Manufacturer: SPIRIT MEDICAL

The Foam Filter is required to be in place prior to operate the DreamStation machine. Reusable filters should be cleaned every two-weeks, and replaced every six-months or as needed. It blocks big dusts from the CPAP motor so your CPAP machine lasts longer. The foam filter is required when operating the machine. The filter is permanently attached to the blue filter frame and cannot be removed.

  • The Pollen filter removes irritating dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke particles from your CPAP airflow, keeping irritants under control that could possibly trigger allergy reactions.
  • This washable foam filter provides filtration that may enhance comfort without increasing noise or changes in efficacy.

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