Incontinence skin care accessories

People who have accidental or chronic bladder or bowel control problems (called incontinence) may also experience skin problems. The extra moisture in the pelvic area including the buttocks, hips and genitals, can lead to redness, irritation, peeling, yeast infections, bedsores (pressure ulcers) and other skin complications.

Certain products are designed to help prevent and lessen skin care problems that may occur with incontinence.



Keeping the skin clean and dry is an important part of skin care. A variety of skin cleansing products are available, depending on your needs and preferences.

No-rinse foam cleansers

For those with limited mobility, these “shower in a bottle” cleansers are a convenient option. These cleansers may also prevent skin irritation since they don’t require rinsing.

Pre-moistened wipes & washcloths

Along with cleansers, these wipes are available with a range of other ingredients, such as aloe, to address skin care issues.


Several products are designed to prevent incontinence-related skin problems.

Barrier creams

These creams contain ingredients that repel moisture and provide a protective layer to the skin.


To maintain healthy skin oil-based creams and lotions are often better than water-based formulas since they hold in moisture and don’t require as many applications, therefore causing less irritation to your skin.

Odor control

Easy-to-use neutralizing sprays are available to minimize odors.

Special care when using incontinence absorbency products

To ensure that skin stays healthy when using absorbency incontinence products like adult diapers and pull-ons, consider these ideas:

  • Whenever possible, clean and dry the skin right away after urinating or having a bowel movement.
  • Use mild or rinse-free cleansers that are mild and gentle on skin 



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