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Diabetes and work

Diabetes doesn’t need to slow you down at work. These helpful tips can make it easier to manage your blood glucose levels while on the job.


Plan out your meals and snacks ahead of time

Try to anticipate when and what you’ll be eating at work. While you can’t plan for everything, you can try to manage your food intake and your blood glucose levels by bringing a lunch and snacks from home. You might also come up with a list of diabetes-friendly meals at restaurants you frequent near your workplace.


Locate a place for blood glucose testing

Find a place in advance for those times when you need to test your blood sugar at work. For example, the bathroom might work well for testing, especially if there’s plenty of counter space for setting out your supplies. To properly dispose of used sharp instruments like syringes or lancets, carry a locking needle container with your workplace diabetes supplies. (Some workplace restrooms may have sharps disposal containers available.)


Telling your co-worker or employer about your condition

As with most medical conditions, you don’ t have to tell your employer about your diabetes. But you may want to let someone at your workplace know what to do in the event of an emergency, especially if you are insulin dependent. For more about which jobs require diabetes disclosure or restrictions see Getting a Job.


Understand your workplace rights

People with diabetes are protected from discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA). Learn more by visiting Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act Questions and Answers.


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