Tips on getting an accurate reading using your blood glucose monitoring device

Keep in mind these tips from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to ensure greater accuracy when using your blood glucose meter.


Tip #1

Check your glucose meter’s manual for specific directions for using your device correctly.


Tip #2

Make sure your meter is clean.


Tip #3

Place the test strip all the way into the meter.


Tip #4

Check that the test strips you’re using are the right kind for your meter.


Tip #5

If your test strips appear to be damaged in any way, do not use them.


Tip #6

Look at the expiration date on your text strips. Do NOT use expired test strips.


Tip #7

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to test your meter’s readings for accuracy on a regular basis.


Tip #8

Compare your meter’s test results on occasion with those from a laboratory.


Tip #9

Have your doctor watch you do your blood sugar test to see if you’re doing it correctly.


Tip #10

Don’t let someone else use your blood glucose meter.


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