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What products are used to manage diabetes?

Your diabetes self-management will be determined by your doctor’s treatment plan and recommendations. This is a list of common supplies used for diabetes management.


Testing products

Test strips

Used to insert a blood sample into a blood glucose meter. Packaged as individual strips or in multi-strip drums or discs. Each box of test strips matches a particular monitor. You can ask your Edgepark Customer Care Specialist which test strips work with which meter.


Control solution

Ensures that your meter is functioning properly. The user inserts a test strip into the meter, and the solution is placed on the test strip in place of a blood sample. Control solution tests are recommended when you use a new meter and every time you open a new package of test strips.



Used to prick the skin to obtain a blood sample. A lancet goes into a lancing device (see below). A new lancet should be used for each test. When used multiple times, lancets become dull and dirty, causing more pain and potential infections. Lancets should never be shared with friends or family members.


Lancing device

Spring-loaded device that houses a lancet. The device quickly pricks the skin to obtain a drop of blood for testing blood glucose levels. Lancing devices should never be shared with friends or family members.


Blood glucose meters (monitors)

Device used to determine your blood sugar level. You will insert a test strip into the monitor, and touch the strip to your blood sample. The monitor will display your glucose level.


Ketone test strips

These strips test for evidence of ketones in your urine. Ketones are an acid produced by the body when it uses fat for energy. Ketones in the urine indicate that the body is not using glucose for energy and you’ve had sustained periods of high blood sugar.


Diabetes management items

Prep wipes

Used as an antiseptic to clean the skin prior to using a lancet or syringe.



Tracks results to help spot trends and gives your doctor and health care team clues about daily routines so management programs can be adjusted.


Insulin delivery

Infusion set

Used to deliver insulin from the pump to the user. Consists of a length of thin, plastic tubing, a cannula that is inserted under the skin, and a plastic connector that joins the tubing and the cannula.


Insertion device

Used to insert a needle, connected to the infusion set, under the skin for an insulin pump.



Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

A CGM system records the body’s glucose levels on a constant, nearly real-time basis. It consists of a sensor, transmitter and receiver.


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