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Animas® Vibe™ Insulin Pump & CGM System, Blue

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  • Item # AN11551000
  • Manufacturer: ANIMAS CORP
Prescription required

Prescription required

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The Animas® Vibe™ Insulin Pump Adult indication and CGM System is approved for use by people age 18 and older. As an integrated system, Animas® Vibe™ allows patients to view glucose data and trends in color, as well as administer insulin directly from the Animas® pump, both of which simplify and aid in a patient’s ability to make more informed decisions and fine-tune insulin delivery. CGM-enabled systems, like Animas® Vibe™, provide patients with a more complete glucose picture compared to fingersticks alone. The system delivers real-time glucose information and alerts for high and low readings.(A glucose reading must be confirmed with a fingerstick test before taking action.)

  • Fine-tuned insulin delivery: The Animas® Vibe™ is equipped with a Swiss-made motor and offers as low of a basal rate increment as 0.025U/hr (available ranges 0.025U/hr to 25U/hr) and a low bolus increment of 0.05U across all available bolus ranges (0.05U to 35U) to adjust and deliver precise increments of insulin to help the body’s changing needs.
  • CGM in full color: The first and only CGM-enabled pump with a high-contrast color screen with color-coded trend arrows to show where glucose readings are heading and how fast, revealing the latest glucose values and trends at a glance.
  • The smallest introducer needle: The Dexcom G4® Platinum Sensor is tiny, round and flexible with the smallest introducer needle available.
  • An accurate, longest-wear sensor: With Mean ARD (Absolute Relative Difference) as the industry’s standard for measuring CGM accuracy, the Dexcom G4® Platinum sensor's 13% Mean ARD provides exceptional performance and accuracy for reliable results. Dexcom sensors are the only ones approved for up to seven days of wear.
  • Waterproof durability: The only CGM-enabled pump that is waterproof to 12' (3.6 meters) for up to 24 hours; Dexcom G4® Platinum Transmitter is water resistant up to 8' (2.4 meters) for 24 hours.
  • Customizable Alerts: Customizable alarms to indicate high and low glucose levels. There is also a built-in, non-adjustable hypoglycemia safety alert set at 55mg/dL for extra peace of mind.

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