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Ardo Calypso Essentials Breast Pump

  • Each of 1 EA
  • Item # ARD6300240
  • Manufacturer: ARDO MEDICAL INC

The Swiss Made Calypso Essentials breast pump features cylinder-piston hospital technology and performance with independent vacuum and cycle adjustment capabilities. Developed by the Pioneers of Electric Breast Pumps, the Calypso mimics the baby's nursing behavior, offering ultimate comfort and results for the mother. Manufactured in-house by Ardo in Switzerland for highest quality.

Product Information: 

  • Item #: ARD6300240
  • Pump Type: Double electric breast pump 
  • System: Closed
  • Suction: 250mmHg
  • Motor Warranty: 1-year warranty on pump motor
  • Adapter / Batteries: Power adapter / AA batteries / Car adapter (Not included)
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Flange Size: 26mm
  • Tube Length: 34” 



  • Double electric breast pump 
  • Milk collection bottles (2)
  • 26mm ergonomically angled breast shields with lip valves (2)
  • “Vacuum Seal” membrane pots and adapter tube covers (2)
  • Flexible silicon tubes and tube connector (2)
  • Spare lip valves (2)
  • Spare tube connector 
  • Bottle stands (2)
  • Bottle lids with rings and caps (2) 
  • Power adapter 
  • Battery compartment (AA batteries not included) 
  • Product manual

  • Hospital technology, recommended by midwives
  • Completely closed system “Vacuum Seal” technology prevents milk back up or condensation from entering the tubes and pump, providing the most hygienic pumping system. Independent lab results available at
  • Independent vacuum and cycle adjustments – 64 total settings 
  • Ultra-quiet pump, tested and confirmed by an independent European lab
  • Compact and light, less than 1 pound
  • Power options include wall adapter, AA batteries, or car adapter
  • AA battery operation allows pumping during power outages
  • WHO Code compliant (World Health Organization Code compliant)
  • Polypropylene (PP) / BPA / DEHP free
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